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Keep eyelash lift and eyelash extensions from getting wet for a minimum of 12 hours after procedure; 24 hours would be ideal. No shower, steam, or sauna on the same day of service. On a daily basis, gently cleanse the eye area and do not scrub or rub your eye forcefully.  Avoid oil-based product around the eyes. Bring an eyelash comb with you - they are great for grooming your lashes throughout the day. 

Care Q & A

Can I swim, shower, or visit a spa after lash lift or eyelash extensions? - Yes, absolutely. We just recommend you do not get them wet in the first 12-24 hours of original application, so they can cure completely. If you need to wash your face, use a damp cloth and carefully avoid the eye area.  Once the adhesive is cured, you can swim, shower, or go to a spa and sauna just like regularly.

Can I apply mascara to eyelash extensions? - We do not recommend putting mascara on your eyelash extensions.  When you apply and remove your mascara, it may damage the extensions.  Also, many eye makeup removers are oil-based, so it may loosen the bond and make the extension fall out.  

Can I curl my eyelash extensions?- Please do not curl your eyelash extensions. Doing so can break them or make them detach. If you feel your extensions are not curly enough, please let us know and we will help you create the look using a more uplifting curl, for example, instead of using J curls, we can use B curls or  C curls.  We custom design the look for you so do not be shy to ask. 

How often should I get touch-ups for extensions? - Our natural lashes shed and new ones grow out, the cycle is usually 30-60 days.  Since your eyelash extensions are attached to your real lashes, they will fall out as well.  We recommend you get touch-ups every 2-4 weeks to maintain the full, thick look.  

Do I need any special products to maintain my eyelash extensions? - No, there are no special products required to maintain eyelash extensions. However, some people use products such as Lash Food and Latisse.  These products claim to grow natural lashes longer and stronger. The effects are debatable, so please do your research before you purchase. 

How do I take them off? - As your natural lashes grow and shed, your extensions will shed with them. You can also have them removed professionally . We do not recommend you taking them out yourself.  Our in-house removal procedure is quick and effortless, usually taking 10-20 min. We have special remover made for this purpose; finally, a green tea conditioner is applied to remove any residue. 


Please call or email us for a more in-depth explanation if you have any questions or requests. We are happy to assist  you.